Where will my session be done?
I’m a natural light photographer, so outside is best. I’ll be glad to give some location suggestions if you aren’t sure where you’d like to go. Please note that a mileage cost will be added to the portrait fee for any locations outside a 25 mile radius.

Should I bring props?
 The option to use props is entirely up to you. I do have a few baskets and things that will work well with babies and young children. If you have some items in mind that you would like to use, bring them along.

What is the ideal age for newborns?
 Anytime from newborn to 20 days old is good. Seven to 14 days is optimal, but of course I think babies are cute at any stage of life and will be glad to take their picture no matter how old they may be.

When should I expect my images to be ready?
 I know. Waiting to view your pictures is never fun. That’s why it is my goal to get them to you as quickly as possible. On average it takes me two weeks to process photos. If for some reason life happens and the wait will be longer, I’ll let you know.

Do you photograph weddings?
 I shoot weddings on a very limited basis. Contact me about availability and pricing.