2018 in Review | Personal

Dear 2018,

You were good to me and my fam.

There were plenty of shenanigans.

A few naps here and there...

We made it to Disney (naturally...)


Sweet thing ran her first race there.

 Photo by Disney  Photopass

I ran my second half marathon. And apparently decided to throw up the peace sign...this is what happens when you put a photographer in front of a camera.

 Photo by Disney  Photopass

We enjoyed plenty of outdoor time at our favorite plantation.

Craft time is daily bread in this household.

Kiddos being cute.

Zoo time

Just because I remembered to get a photo of myself with the younguns.

Sweet summer which means swings,

water fountains,

and boats.

We had plenty of attitude.

Fourth of July fireworks...

I mean, all the hear eyes for these kids.

We played in the sprinkler.

And on scooters

We had a kid turn 4.

Then we celebrated 10 Years...at Disney (surprise, surprise).

sans kids.

Then came fall, my favorite season of all.

More plantation time.

Swing time at Thanksgiving.

We got glasses.

Had back yard picnics.

And had a kid turn 2.

So much has happened, and we feel blessed . We are excited for 2019 and are trusting God for what lies ahead in the future. Cheers!

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