Hear that?...I think I just broke the sound of silence.

Well, so much has happened since my last post that I'm not even going to try to catch you up on all the photos I've taken. Rather, I'm going to give you a little inside glance at my life.

Remember Matthew? Yeah, we celebrated the hurricane in North Georgia with fried apple pies and pumpkins.

Then came Christmas...the usual baking, parties, and such.

Somewhere in there we got pregnant with our second child...and she arrived right after Christmas. Lots happened, and she got to spend her first week in the NICU...

...including New Years.

I'm not a proud mama at all...

And normal daily antics...

Liesel wanted to run a race like daddy...she had a blast.

My sweet friend and awesome photographer Melissa Griffin took our pictures.

Obligatory Easter Picture...Gretta wasn't too thrilled.

The last picture of both my girls with a paci. (wipes a tear) They grow so fast.

This one because I just love it.

The yearly trip to Callaway Gardens...

And most recently, baby girl is six months!!! Actually now she is seven, but this picture was six. She army crawls like a champ, and big sis's stuff is not safe. And also, she was dedicated last week.

Well, that was fun...or boring...depending on if you like pictures of my kids, I suppose. Here's to more blogs this year than last!